(Not so) Funny "Big 3" story: Marinara??

Found brief story this online. http://tinyurl.com/2ksufg

Seems PH is serving meaty marinara . . . what most other cooks call a Bolognese (or Meat) sauce. We may start getting an onslaught of public consumers following the ignorant lead of PH marketing teams. The slings and arrows of outrageous consequence are again aloft!

how close did the storms get Nick

Hey Nick,its been a while since I have posted I’ve been so dang busy thank God.Hope all is going well for all you guys.b/t/w I’ve seen beefie substances in toilet bowls that are probablt better than the P H products.Hope to travel down that way someday soon and check you out bro.
Take care,
Niccademo :shock:

50 miles or more away for the big tornado damage. We got some wind and rain, but no big storming. Atlanta got some real action and damage to structures.