Not sure if this is OT...physical health and promotion

Okay…I have been VERY open with my employer in regards to my back, which has a slipped disc (L-1 or 2, I think…I can’t remember which number).

It has been on the verge of rupture before. I am currently under Chiropractic care and have a high pain tolerance that gets me through my shifts.

When I first signed on to work this store, it was to be on the weekends, in the evening. No biggie, and excellent with my family schedule. A “no brainer” cook job during the hours I wanted/needed, and weekly pay…GREAT. You know?

Well, (not meaning to toot my own horn, don’t get me wrong), I did my usual “above and beyond” (always on time, never call in, fast, accurate, etc etc etc)…I love the challenge of working in pizza…and now, I work 5 nights a week, minimum, and my boss is GREAT about scheduling me off on my kid’s basketball game nights or any other nights I need off…and he brags about my work so much it’s almost embarrassing sometimes.

But, now, he wants me to promote to management and work the day shift. The day shift would be great…but I am uncomfortable with being pinned down to a management title, even though I’ve done it before, mostly because of my back, and difficulty answering the phones (hearing impaired, but he’s ordering a headset for me to hear well on).

I’m also unsure of how my back would hold up because of the slipped disc working longer than 2 to 4 hours a time (and my boss knows about this…I was totally honest up front so he would know that I would not be trying to do any work related injury crap should it “go out”)…and am just needing insight on what someone else would do in my shoes, or what you would think if you were my boss…what you would want me to do.

Even if you say something you think I may not want to hear, I will appreciate your honesty. Please, I need to know so I can mull over what I need to do.

Thanks in advance.

Since you have been honest about your back with your employer, you should ask for his/her honesty in return about what REALLY would be expected of you should you decide to take the promo. Running a store is a big responsibility, and as you know things don’t always turn out the way we intend them too. Other employees not showing up could cause longer hours and stress that may be too much for you to physically handle. How will your boss react when you call and say you can’t work any longer that day because you can’t stand up, and by the way the closer didn’t show up. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but is he wanting to promote you because of how good you are ( and he doesn’t know how much pain you could be in) or is it because of a lack of any other qualified people who could fill the shoes, which again could place a lot of stress on you because the boss still needs the work done.

Bottom line is, I would sit down with the boss and ask these questions. If you are both honest with each other you may find the answers you are looking for. One other thing. If you don’t think you could handle it physically, don’t do it. Because, as I said earlier… even with good intentions on both sides… things don’t always go as we plan them. Good luck whatever you decide.

One question…do you need the money? I know anyone could use the money…but are you just working part time to earn that little extra and get yourself out of the house? Or, are you working this job to support a family?

Sounds like you enjoyed not having the responsibility. Some of the best employees are like that. It may be a good opportunity for someone…but really ask yourself is it a good opportunity for you? You know the responsibilities and pressures that come from management. This would mean less time with the family, etc… I think you may already know the answer to your question. I would be honest with you boss and tell them that you appreciate the offer but feel as though stepping into a management role would not be in your, or the company’s, best interest at this point in time. Maybe you really would like it? From your above post…I don’t think you would enjoy it. Only you can answer that. Again, sit down and ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze. Hope this helps.