Not sure what to do with them...

I recently bagged the idea to open a pizza joint in my town in Idaho. The town is not ready for it and before I could confirm that I was financially ready to do so, someone with a whole ton of money to throw away decided to do it first.

I inherited a couple working pizza ovens from a friend that used to be in the biz. They were bought from 2 seperate pizza joints at auction. I have a Middlby PS200 and a Lang Air Door deck oven. They both worked when he received them and he placed them on a pallet in his side yard. I hauled them over here to my place and was going to clean them up but I now do not have the need. They are a little dirty because the tarp was not a good one and the winds we get around here move sand dunes:-)

I need to get them out of my garage and I unfortunately have not taken the time to verify their actual function. They are heavy as sin. about 900 pounds a piece. I wanted to offer them to anyone that might be in the Boise area as “fixer uppers” if anyone was interested. You have to come and get them but I will let them go for really cheap. If you are interested, and want to pay a higher sum, I will blow them out, put them together and hook them up and make a pizza in them so we can confirm exact function though the price will go up considerably as I have little time.

Its a make an offer deal and I know what kind of a drama its going to be to get them moved(because I did it once) so I will have mercy:-)

Thanks…send me an email at sweetspotcorp at and I will get you some pictures and more details as I have them.