Now here is some great Christmas Cheer!

Did any of you read about this?

In October Archway Foods closed their bakery in Ohio and filed bankruptcy, laying off 300 workers. Two weeks ago Lance Foods of North Carolina bought the bakery, rehired 60 of the 300 workers. But that’s not all. They said they hope to be able to rehire more as business builds and to show that they are serious they gave all 300 unemployed workers a $1500 prepaid debit card to help them through the holidays.

Here’s the link to the story if you want to read more about it. … index.html

Wow…that is a RARE company!

I was sad to hear of the dimise of Archway. My father was one of their orignial distributors for 43 some years and we literally grew up on their product. I trust that someone will pick up their assets and put them back into national distribution again…way too good to not be out there!

Merry Christmas!

Awesome, we need more companies like that. I’ll be making sure our chip bags are from Lays from here on out.