NSF or NAMA approved

Hey all,
I have a lead on a small coffee machine that spits out 1 cup at a time, which would be perfect for us seeing as though only 1 in every 50 customers would like a cup.

However, it is NAMA Approved (which is apparently a sanatation approval for vending machines), not NSF… Would I be able to get away with using this?

I use to have a 1 cup brewer i bought from Wal-mart but the HD had a fit so I had to remove it.

I think you are going to find it is a question that ONLY your local hd can answer, I would try to push them on the fact that it is the governing body of the machine, not NSF.
I do know I would have a fight on my hands as it clearly states no electric equipment at all that does not have the NSF sticker…
let me ask you how did the one cup machine work for you I have been tossing this around for a while now

the one cup worked fine, but the employees would still make it either to strong or weak… this new mahine is suppose to be idiot proof.
Here is what i’m looking at

I’m trying to get it free from the vendor as long as I use their coffee.

Most of the banks and insurance companies have that type of machine here. I am told they are pretty much fool proof. you run a water line and power to them and all you need to do is remove the empty containers.

HI Integraoligist:

Came on your question a bit late.

The code states that equipment must meet the NSF standards, having the seal is not the absolute requirement.

You health department can approve an item that does not have NSF approval if they determine it meets the standard.

George Mills

hmm, i was planning on getting that b200 but it only shoots out a max of 8oz, which is a super small coffee around here… the norm being 10oz liquid in a 12 oz cup. So, I may have to boost up to the 3000 series because it shoots 10oz (which if perfect) and is also fully NSF approved.
I just dont want to drop $200 on the machine :?