Number Of Employees To Start Off With

I am planning on opening a delco which will sell pizzas and subs. We will be open from 11 am till 1 am thru the week and till 3 am on weekends. Including myself how many employees would you suggest I should hire to begin with?

Depends on how busy you are projecting it to be when you first open. In my opening 2 brand new stores, I over hired and then sorted out the good and the bad. It gives you a week or two to decided whos motivated, whos willing to work, whos the hard/dedicated workers etc etc.

How big is your store? Do you have a front that’s separate from the kitchen? Do you offer more than pizza? How many phone lines? You’ll probably need 2 order takers a night from the get go just for the weekends alone. Are you going to have a manager or will you be working all those hours? What about key employees?

I will have a 2 managers. I will offer subs as well as pizza. The store is 1700 SQ. Ft.

As far as drivers you’d want 1 driver per ever $1,000 in projected sales.

With 2 managers, depending on their availability and whether you wan them cooking or not, I’d do 1 kitchen person per $5,000 in projected sales.

For every 3 people you hire only 1.5 will work out if you’re lucky. So over-hire slightly in the beginning.