Nutritional fact STAT

So I have an opening with the school, I need a nutritional fact sheet, how do I go about this?

That is one of the many services offered by AIB through our labeling group. If you want to get information on cost and turn around time please contact Elaine Meloan at or give her a call at 800-633-5137 (ext. 217)
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

If you have worked out the food cost, you can work out the nutritional data. In the same way you determine the cost each ingredient adds, you can calculate the contribution of each ingredient to each fact on the nutritional label.

Your vendors should be able to provide breakdown sheets for flours, meats and cheeses. For things that don’t have labels (fresh veggies), you can use “available reference materials” such as:

If they are requiring you to have it generated by a 3rd party, in addition to Tom you could also hire a nutritionist from an area hospital.

Here’s a quick and dirty example:

A 50lbs bag of Wheat Flour costs me $18.02. Working out my food cost, I know that the Wheat Flour contributes $.13 to the cost of each pizza.
So .13/18.02 = .0072… Each pizza is using about .7% of the bag of flour and as such, .7% of the cost, calories, fat, protein, sodium, etc…

So I multiply (# of servings) by (calories per serving) from the Nutrition Facts sheet to find out a 50lbs bag of Wheat Flour contains 78698 calories in total. Now I can use that same percentage to find out 78698 cal x .0072… that the Wheat Flour contributes 567 calories to each pizza. Do that for the other items on the Nutrition Fact sheet, repeat with other ingredients, plug into a spreadsheet and sum total in one column to generate your own Nutrition Facts numbers.

It’s time consuming, but it’d totally doable!