NY dough

Hello Sir,

I have a question regarding your NY/Traditional dough.

I am aware of the baking percentages, but if I make 1/2 batch the 100% recipe with ADY, may I simply 50% the recipe, or do I need to recalulate the percentages?

Thanks, sincerely.

(my apologies if this is not the correct forum for this post)

The reason the percentages are used is so you are able to adjust the size of batch you are making without recalculating. The flour is 100% and all other percentages are based on that. For example if you are using 40% water in a batch if you use 100lbs of flour you use 40lbs of water and if your batch uses 10lbs of flour you use 4 lbs of water.

Again you use flour at 100% no matter the size of the batch and each of the other ingredients are a percentage of the flour weight.

1% of 100 lbs is 1 lb
1% of 50 lbs is 1/2 lb
1% of 25 lbs is 1/4 lb

As long as you are “weighing” the reduced recipe (not measuring my volume) you should be fine.