NY expected to approve min fast food wage to $15/hr

I thought this was relevant to the technology arena, seems like kiosk & other electronic ordering technologies would become the trend, if other local principalities/states follow suit…


As I understand it, it will only apply to chain stores with 30 locations nationwide.

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While the law may only apply to stores with 30 or more locations it will have an effect on all stores. It will certainly make it a bit harder for those who do not have 30 stores to hire people at $10/hour when the place down the street(not necessarily a pizza place) is hiring at $15/hour. Despite your area being dominated by small pizza companies, there are plenty of chain restaurants that will pull the best potential employees due to their higher pay scale.

I think Paul nails it. Whether the law applies to you or not, you will be paying at least whatever the local minimum wage is under the law or your choice of employees will not include the ones you need to hire.

The more I think about this minimum wage thing, the more I am in favor of it. Bring it on.

Yep, Only the strong will survive. Buckle up!

I see this creating problems, huge problems!
The ones destined to be in law-paying, talentless positions will no longer be able to find work. As an employer, I will not pay that wage to someone who is not top-shelf material.
Seriously, the dishwashers that I hire are the guys who are unable to do much else due to their low intelligence or a verifiable learning disability, they would no longer be hired by me with that type of minimum wage, I would hold out for a top performer, and I expect most others to do the same thing.

We have this going on all over the place out here. It is all sponsored by the unions. Over the last 20 years or so non union companies have destroyed union companies. Primarily union grocery stores. Grocery stores have been replaced with non union grocery stores like Walmart. Grocery stores have also seen a lot of their business go to fast food. That’s why you see McDonalds and Walmart pop up in every story about the minimum wage.

Union companies cannot compete with non union ones. There wages and benefits are simply too high. These union guys are smart though. Over the last few years they have financed the campaigns of elected city officials, and to repay the unions the city guys raise minimum wage making the union based companies instantly more competitive.

Then on top of that unions have their city guys exempt the union from the minimum wage. They only have gotten that one thru on about 50% of the cities so far though.

The main union that sponsors these increases has successfully exempted themselves from just about every wage and overtime law that we have out here.

It doesn’t matter to me what the minimum wage is. I’ll adjust to it either way. I just like to point out all the phony baloney that goes on in politics.

Great post.
I do not know if you paid any attention to the storm of swirling political excrement that took place in Wisconsin these last few years, but that was one of the main victories of our current governor, He was able to make it so union membership is not mandatory for both government and private industry employees, it gave the employees a choice.
it took our state from a several billion dollar deficit, to actually having a surplus, and this was just by trimming many useless expenditures.
Look at how bad Illinois is right now, they are handing out IOU’s to lottery winners because the state raided the lottery earnings fund to cover bloated pensions and now their lottery cannot pay out jackpots!

Yes, I did follow that. Too bad his presidential bid fizzled out. There is just no national support for his ideas.

Not to mention the union dues these employees have to pay. My pizza cook used to work for Albertsons for minimum wage. 75 centso of his hourly pay would go to Union dues so he was technically getting less then minimum wage. When I asked him what he got out of being a part of a union he didn’t even know. Bunch of BS politics.

As weird as it sounds, I am glad Walker dropped out of the presidential run, Why? Because we need him here for at least a few more years.

The day that minimum wage goes up to those unsustainable, unrealistic levels, and it is legislated that I now must provide a “Safe Space” for certain employees, and I must announce “Trigger Warnings” before making any statements, or have a discussion with employees, I will dump an accelerant across the floor, and toss a lit match over my shoulder on my way out the door.
I am a restaurant owner, an employer, not a darned babysitter, it has been difficult enough for me dealing with the “Entitlement generation” this last decade,
Okay, My rant is over.