Ny Style in a conv.

I am still about year and a half from opening my first store. I was really gung ho on doing a triple stack deck oven to pump out Ny style pizza and do by the slice along with delivery.
The more I read the more it seems impossible for me to do the volume in deck ovens with close to consistancy in the pies.
Yet I have never tasted a good ny style pizza out of a conv. oven. Dominos was just plain bad. Pizza Huts while it tasted good wasnt even in the ball park of being called a Ny Style pizza.
I hear the Rotoflex can do the same as a deck and faster. But can it do 15k-20k a week as close to easy as a conv can? Not saying I gonna do 15k-20k right away, but it is a goal.
I did drive in the late 80s early 90s in a dominos that used 2 stack deck ovens and we did it, but the manager was the only one who worked the busy shifts because he was the only one good enough at it, to run it during peek times.
I just dont want to fall into that trap were I got to be there to run ovens ,because of consistancy. Or have such slow del times that i lose customers.
I do want to do by the slice as stated with a NY style crust, but I also want to do the volume to make lots of cash hehe.
I have hit my 16th year in pizza almost all of that in the big 3 from GM to driver. I have worked in one smaller Ny style store, but they didnt deliver just dine in and pick up and did good business, but not massive business. There pizza was exactly what i want to put out.
I guess after my long winded post my main question is can a rotoflex make a pie just like a deck oven and pump out pies like a conv. oven?
My first store is planed to be opened in a smaller town 5k at last count and growing fast close to a big city. Was hoping to open here and get product and system down pat then move into college towns, and near big business areas. Also wanting to do a lot of marketing and discounting to get the home crowd also. My goal here is 5k a week.

I think so, Roto Flex looks like a great oven, I have only heard good things about it, maybe some users will come on,


Sounds like Rotoflex is what you want to eventually do large volume, but at $5k/week that is way overkill…why dont you just start with a double stack of decks until you outgrow…sound like you eventually want to move as you grow and you do not want to keep moving a HUGE Rotoflex oven…dont bother with conveyors if you are looking for a NY style

At 5K a week… all you’ll need is a double stack deck oven… once you get to 10K a week… you can upgrade. i just replaced my small double stack ovens for a set of bigger ones for more volume.

question… where are you located??

For me deck oven are alli will ever use… i worked in a place doin an average of 20k a week… we used 2 stacked decks… it was 4 baker pride 4 pie ovens… it was rough work. but upgrading to a 1 y602 would have been great… but we got it done without

In Blanchester Ohio. 4,220 people, 1,645 households, that was 2000 census.

There has been steady growth. A super kroger came in in January, also a big factory is in town across from Kroger and there are new strip malls out that way. which is were I am looking to locate.

Comp is

1 dominos open from 5-11 weekdays and midnight on weekends

1 angilos a local chain that is open 11am-10pm

there was a thrid store here for about a decade, but finally closed mostly do to poor management. with lack of product and employees.

I am worried can this town support a third store agian doing 5k?

by doing the 20 per houshold it shows we cant do that much. So was wondering if I should just open in a bigger market?

Middletown ohio is one spot I have looked into also for first store. worked and lived there for 8 years. 51,605 people, 21,469 households.

there is only 12 shops there. really dont want to start off on the wrong foot by shooting said foot by opening in to small of a town.

Not to beat up on Rotoflex ovens but they have most of the problems of deck ovens.

Biggest problem is that the oven does not know when the pizza is done. A very sharp oven tender is required. The oven tender must be able to tell by looking at the outside if the pizza is completely baked on the inside.

Like deck ovens a fresh pizza should not be placed where a pizza has just been removed as that spot will be cooler than a spot where the deck has had a chance to recover the heat that was transferred to the last pizza baked. with several decks rotating around it takes the full attention of a skilled person to know where to put the next pizza and to keep track of which pizza has been in the oven for how long. If the oven tender is distracted pizzas can be over baked or burned.If the oven tender does not guess right the pizza can be raw inside.

Conveyor ovens eject the pizzas automatically when baked the way the operator wants them baked. No skills and only minimum inelegance is required to bake pizza on a conveyor oven.

Im want to post again becuase, i have a thing or 2 to say.
you CAN do a NY STYLE in a conveyor but you will not get NY TASTE in a conveyor, there is no subsititue for a deck oven, conveyor just does not put out the quality pizza that a deck does and it never will. Truth be told decks are GREAT but they still dont compare to the good old coal and wood ovens…
so to answer your question.
YES you can do a NY style in a conveyor but its not going to taste one bit like a NY pizza with out a deck… you can put out high volume with good decks and i feel its worth the hard time to train someone to watch the ovens its truly not as hard as you all make it out to be… its really not at all

Okay Perry, how much per week can you do in a Rotoflex? How much does that Rotoflex cost to operate vs a double-stack of deck ovens? I want a Rotoflex (and I don’t even have a pizza joint), and the thought of having to do a huge business before I can get one bugs me. Yeah, it’s a $25-30k oven and very hard to find one on the used market, BUT… should I ever open my own place, I want that puppy right smack dab in the middle. I may even charge so people can look at it :). I’ve been in love with many things before, but I’m doing some serious lusting after a Rotoflex.

I wanted it for 5 yrs b4 I took the plunge so dont feel bad…I call it my Hummer except the gas bill is much higher. I think it is meant for places $15k/week and up, but hey if you got the $$ go for it…I think you can hit $30k/week if you are busy enough to answer your ?