NY Style v. Buffalo Style

Can someone help me with the difference between these two?

Do you mean pizza? I didn’t know there was a buffalo style. My guess would be that Buffalo style would be like a hot wing pizza and New york of course is a thin crust regular pizza.

OK that works - thanks

From Wikipedia…Yeah, I know, but I have read the same thing in multiple places…

“In Buffalo, New York, pizza is made with a thicker, doughier crust than traditional New York-style pizza, with a slightly thicker and sweeter sauce, mozzarella cheese and (usually) pepperoni cooked until it is burned and crispy on the edges. Buffalo-style pizza can also be found in communities where there is a large population of expatriate Buffalonians, like Charlotte, North Carolina.”

hmmm. Who knew ?

Now that definately answers what I was looking for. In our area there are a few “new york style” pizzarias, but my husband is from Buffalo and talks about a Buffalo-style. Me personally, I’m from Illinois and I think a really great pizza should be eaten with a fork (chicago-style). I don’t get the concept of having pizza so thin it needs to be folded just to get it solid enough to get to your mouth.

I’m just passing by, as I do once a month or so. I never respond to any of these posts, although I love reading them. I live in Buffalo and own a Take-out only Pizzeria here. I have never heard of “Buffalo Style” pizza. NY style pizza is, as far as I know, commonly known to be made with a thin and crispy crust. The slices are large, like an 18 inch pie cut in 6 or no more than 8 slices. It’s usually folded “in half” at the crust when eaten and it’s almost expected to have grease drip from the fold in the crust. I tried to make a NY style pizza for a friend, who was born in NY, at my shop and I failed. I was told it was too thick, not greasy enough and the slices were small. As for Buffalo style, I think there are two of them. Ask your husband which one he is talking about. A small number of pizzerias make a large square pie and cut it into strips. This dough is thick and almost bread like, the sauce is basically a puree with spices on top and yes, the pepperoni does “cup and char”. The rest of or majority of the other pizzerias have a thick dough that is round and have a sauce that is spices and water added to puree. The pepperoni may or may not “cup and char”. If your husband mentions Bocce Club or Leonardi’s then he is talking about the first example. Hope this helps.

Hi Buffalo,
What’s the name of your place?I’m opening one up on Grand Island in a few weeks.The first pizzeria I worked at was Pizza Oven in Lockport which was a dead ringer for Bocci’s.I was told they actually went into Bocci’s dumpster to find out what flour,sauce,etc. they were using.The pizzeria I had a few years back was very close to them also, but not so sweet and a tad more crust and a few lil tweaks.The one I’m opening up again will be as close as I can to that and will be very similar to Bocci’s.
Everyone in this area does love the ol’ cup and char though.