NY Thin Or Chicago Cracker Crust

In my search to find the style of pie I want to serve. I have decided that NY thin crust for me is the way to go. I have tried a few times what was called a “Chicago thin or cracker crust”…It is not at all like the thin crust from NY style much more crispy and cracker like. My question is …Is this a real style or just something I have come across at few places. It is not bad just a bit dry for my liking and not what I am looking for.

There is a huge difference between the New York thin crust and a Chicago style cracker thin crust. The N.Y crust is softer and somewhat chewy, while the Chicago cracker type is very dry, flaky, and crispy when first served, but soon becomes soft and chewy, expecially in the center section. When cut in the treaditional party cut, the four corners of the Chicago pizza are always the crispiest, and tend to go first. Another big diff is that the N.Y. crust is traditionally hand tossed and has a great, raised edge, while the Chicago style is sheeted, and has little, if any raised edge. Then, looking at the finished pizza, the N.Y. pizza has fewer toppings, but still has a great flavor, while the Chicago pizza has a lot more toppings, with the cheese added last, covering the entire pizza.
Like I said, quite a difference.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor