NYC: Where To Go?

Looks like I’m headed to the NYC in early October. My sister operates some major websites for TV shows and gets all kinds of invites to travel around and interview actors/actresses and what not. Looks like I’m going to be able to take my favorite type of vacation as a result during the second weekend of October. Grab a back pack and wonder around for a few days in the city and see what I can find. Will be crashing in a suite in Manhattan, but if I’m doing it right I should be showing up at the room late and leaving early.

Where do I need to go? Have had a few New Yorkers in the store raving about our slices being “just like home”, might be nice to know what we’re doing right.

The hole the wall pizza joints are always to best ones. If you find yourself 45 mins outside of the city you can come
See me

You could visit us! :slight_smile: We’re in the Bronx, on Broadway between 231st and 232nd Streets, Bari Pizza Restaurant. Take the 1 Train to 231st Street. We’re at 5625 Broadway. I love our pizza!

Other favorite pizzerias:
Palace Pizza on Dyckman/200th Street close to the 1 Train (Dyckman Street station). They are located bet. Nagle Ave and Post ave, on the north side (this is the Inwood section of Manhattan). Very good pizza. There’s something about their sicilians, it’s so darn good. I have yet to taste a better sicilian than theirs (not even ours!). It always runs out, ALWAYS. They’ve been there for almost 70 years. Like Pakula said, a whole in the wall, they don’t deliver, they don’t have menus, they don’t advertise, no specials, nothing, but they are always packed. Their evenings are crazy so it’s better to go in the afternoon, before 3PM.

If you find yourself in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, there’s My Little Pizzeria at 114 Court Street, off the corner of State Street. There’s always a line to order your stuff, and it gets pretty long at lunch time, but they’re quick and their pizza is good!

These two pizzerias talk cash only, in fact, they only have those old 1950s cash registers. We accept CC and cash! :lol: