Obamacare- Comprehensive video review-Stunning

There is a link to a youtube video below that researched several sections of the Obamacare Act. I did not think there was anything any longer that could stun me but this video did with reference to some pieces of the act I did not know about.

I honestly wish I could put this stuff behind me and get on with life but the more I read and research and the more I reflect on what I have experienced in 71 years the more I see the freight train in the proverbial tunnel coming at us. I read an article this morning from Jim Rogers who is a very smart, successful and wealthy man. He is an American but has moved to Hong Kong. Over the years he has been sensible and, more importantly, mostly right on the money. He speaks and reacts to financial aspects and how they will effect economies which effect his investments as opposed to political issues. He was talking today about this third stimulus the government has started. Mr. Rogers said that this 3rd stimulus, on top of everything else, is going to cause us a lot of pain and suffering. He said specifically that there will be a horrible price to pay for us.
Something else I ran across this morning was about executive orders by U.S. Presidents. Very few were issued by presidents in the first hundred years or so and many presidents issued none. As best I can remember FDR issued 10 or 12, Clinton 15, George W. Bush issued 38. OBAMA has issued 923 executive orders in 3 1/2 years. Many of them give the government control of almost everything that touches our lives if they declare an emergency of any type. They cover communications, transportation, energy, food supply, etc. Whether a Democrat or Republican president this is alarming. I was not aware that Bush issued 38. I am going to research what they were for.
Anyway, this is the link to the video. And this does effect our businesses and our way of life. We are not going to be safe because we have 50 or fewer employees either.

http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Hc … &vg=medium.

Misprint on number of Obama executive orders. 135 to date. Still amazing.