Oct 20 -86 years old Oct 22- married 60 years

Oct 20 86 years old Oct 22 married 60 years

George Mills

Congrats to you and yours George! Being 33, it’s nothing short of amazing in my opinion and I have some relatives that aren’t too far behind you! What’s your secret?!

Congratulations George. I hit 59 the week after and just passed 39 years of marriage. I look forward to matching you great accomplishments.

Hoping to see you in Vegas again.

Happy Birthday George!!!
I’m nearly 72 and you remain my inspiration!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Please do tell, what’s the secret to a long life and successful marriage? (other than pizza) :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! And thanks again for all the advice and counsel you have provided over the years on TT.

congratulations George! That is a lovely achievement. Walter

Congratulations George!

[SIZE=14px]Thanks to all of you for your good wishes.

As to the reason for my long life. Jack Daniel’s .

Secret to a long Marriage. I do whatever she tells me

George Mills[/SIZE]

ha ha seems simple enough. As a 33 year old newlywed i’ll be sure to take that advice! Now, where is my shopping list?

Congratulations George!

34 and married for 5 years now I cant imagine 60 years of marriage I want to strangle mine everyday lol! I will pass on your wise words of wisdom to my significant other! Oh and congrats!

Congrats George !!!

Congratulations George on both!

Thanks again to all that have replied,
I hope to continue helping pizza operators, where I can, for a few more years .

George Mills