"Off Topic" Conflicker Worm

Symantec.com. Is anyone concerned about this - the impact it could have as a key logger? I viewed the 60 Minutes coverage, the map and the volume of systems this has managed to infect. I wonder why there was not more Media Hype over this.


MORE media hype? it’s been on every news channel i’ve seen for the past few days.

I figure i’ll just stay off-line for the first 1/2 the day tomarrow… just as precaution. :roll:

it will give me more time to f with the network problems i’m having. :evil:

I have never caught a computer virus. No worries here.

From my understanding not using your computer or turning it off tomorrow won’t help. If your computer is going to be infected by the conficker worm, it has already happened. It has already infected millions of computers. Tomorrow is the day that the worm is supposed to be activated to start doing its job. A way to find out if your computer is infected is to try and visit Microsoft’s website or any of the major antivirus websites such as Norton’s, McAfee, etc. If you are not able to navigate those sites, then your computer is infected. This is by the worm’s design to not let you download any patches or updates to get rid of it. If this is the case for you, have a friend download the latest patch and email it to you.

Even if you wait a couple of days or a few weeks to reconnect your computer to the internet, the worm will still steal your information and what ever else it’s going to do when you finally do reconnect to the internet. That’s if the conficker worm has previously infected your computer.

In 1997, I managed to scoop up a key logger and literally nobody could associate with the activity I was encountering. With respect to this Conflicker, I think I fell prey to the “hype of the media”. I’m glad it was not as bad as it seemed. People that did not update, and specifically larger corporations were targets. Scary scenario - as reported.


I know what a key logger is but have no idea what you just said.

Key loggers, back door trojans, etc…were surfacing at that time. I had a difficult time finding experts that could associate the activity on my PC with a key logger.

I hope that helps! : )


windows users lord have mercy

AMEN. I tend to think the pricier and a little more complicated was the way to go…A LONG TIME AGO.


AMEN. I tend to think the pricier and a little more complicated was the way to go…A LONG TIME AGO.


When will people wake up and see that microsoft “especially windows” products are garbage
and mac’s i just dont see paying 10 dollars for a 3 dollar computer.
Just my 2 cents