Off topic I know.......any guitar players here?

Looking for a Strat style guitar…I don’t want a Fender Strat…just a strat style. Something with a Strat style body, maple fingerboard, etc…I guess I am looking for the Anti-Strat. Something like maybe and old Charvel or an old Kramer…you get it. My buddy has an older Strat style Ibanez that just rocks. The thing that I like most about it is that it is not a Strat. Everyone and their grandpa plays a Strat. I know they are good…I just want something different from everyone else. Maybe I’m just weird.

The new Paul Reed Smith “Mira” might be kind of what you’re looking for. It has that thin Strat type body and dual humbucker pickups (like most Ibanez setups.) Definitely a “Strat-style” without being a Strat. I also think PRS’ are much higher end than anything Fender produces.

If you’ve never played a PRS, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Here’s a link:

You mean that one day this business will reward me enough that I can afford a PRS? From the way that many people talk on here…I had given up on ever getting one of those. Really like an ESP I found on Ebay. San Dimas Guitars look to be killer…but they are higher than the PRS…Anyone with any more ideas?

buy the american fender strat!! keep it in good shape for ten years and then sell it for more then you paid for it. Try that with a antistrat!


i play very good guitar on guitar heros but i do not have a real guitar i have a pizza screen i hope that is helpfull