Offer received on store

Well, over the weekend I received an offer on my Delco (slice location sold back in January). The price is acceptable. There are a couple of small funny things in the offer since they hired an attorney to write the offer and he added some stuff that is a little odd. All in all, I think we will end up with a deal. If this goes through, the closing will be about three weeks short of our 10th anniversary in business.

They are offering to buy the business and lease the property from me which is possibly my best case scenario. They would have an option to buy the property within three years.

Wish me luck.

Well I guess they were reading Think Tank…Seems getting a lawyer is often mentioned…Good luck…


Good for you. I sure hope you still hang around here once you are sold. :cry:

It has been a long time coming.


But…what will you do with your “free time”? :smiley:

Congratulations Bodega…hope it goes through ok!


I hope you still pop in once in a while after you sell. I really enjoyed your insight on the issues here.

Best of luck,

The lawyer is one that I referred them to. Good guy and just doing his job trying to improve the deal for his client.

However, the deal fell through already. Mixed version of events, either they don’t have the money or they want the business to be more profitable for an absentee owner…

Well to bad…stuff happens.
You would think that going thru with the lawyer it would be a good deal.
My guy has had some soft offers for super low bids…people are certainly looking for deals right now.