Offering Curbside Pickup vs Takeout only

I wanted to ask those of you who are operating a brick and mortar pizza restaurant.

There are plenty of Pizza locations resuming Pickup orders. But not so many offering Curbside pickup. (actually quite rare in our area).

Have any of you tried offering contact-free or curbside pickup options? And if so, what was your experience with providing this additional service?

By offering curbside pickup for pizza orders, I feel you may reach some new customers. And old customers who may want to return but have additional concerns.

I know some services will deliver for a SMALL additional fee for your pizza to be delivered. But the curbside could be operated with one employee and promote your business as well.

Plus, people passing by seeing orders getting picked up outside could attract those people to try one.

Not much seems to be operating at last year’s normal. So sometimes we need to find ways to reach customers.

I know three households unrelated that no longer goes to some locations, and Curb Side pickup may help.

I am a Pizzaholic who still likes homemade dough and trying new Pizzerias. And never had the challenge of running a restaurant, so I may be wrong. Have any of you tried offering curbside pickup options?

If someone calls and says they’re outside, we take it out. 9/10 times theyve paid over the phone. We don’t advertise that we do it because it really is a pain, especially short staffed and being way up this year during the pandemic in comparison to the same period last year. The amount of people requesting it has dwindled considerably as the weeks go on