Offers on door hangers

What is the most sucsefull offers you guys have done on door hangers? I can’t afford to give away too much but I want a big turn out?

Any help?


It depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to gain customers and pay for them with an increase in food cost, the front of your doorhanger should have you logo, basic info, and this on the front:

[size=7]FREE PIZZA![/size]

[size=5]DETAILS ON BACK[/size]

Then, on the reverse side of the doorhanger you’ll have your specials, but the one you’ll want to highlight would be, "Buy one large pizza at regular price and get the next large of equal or lesser value FREE!

Now, if you want to tone it down a little bit and you’re interested in gaining customers, but also maintaining good profitability, use the same approach but with the words, “HALF PRICE PIZZA”. Offer a buy one, get one half price (for any size). That’s been one of my best coupons to date and it increased my avg ticket to a little over $18.00. I owe tommieknowspizza for that idea.

Other coupon offers are:

Pizza -N- Wings Party Platter - One large pizza with an order of wings $15.99
Family Fun Pak - One medium specialty pizza, one medium one topping pizza, stix, and a 2 liter $19.99… Go large for just $5 more.
Create your own masterpiece - You pick the crust, you pick the sauce, you pick the toppings (up to 5) $10.99
Crazy 8’s - Large 1 topping $8.88

Whatever you do, make sure your doorhanger is catchy, colorful, and easy to read. If not, it will only be seen by the other trash in the garbage can.