Official Are You Open 4th of July Thread 2010

since no one has yet I thought I would start it this year . . .

Being it on a Saturday last year I figured it would still be a decent day because after all, its still Saturday. We did about 70% of a normal Saturday which of course was worth it. Sales were steady from 11 am on for the whole day – closed early at 8 (normally 10 on weekends). Sales really picked up after 4 pm.

Even on lessor holidays, our lunch sales drop off significantly as most of it derives from local business, so I am looking at opening at 3 pm. Probably schedule one less person on Thursday and add one more on Wednesday night.

New territory opening on a weekday as its only our second year being open on the 4th . . .

we are right on top of our towns fireworks so YES we are open. We pass out balloons and it usually is a late showing so we will close during the day and open at 4pm
personally I will be drinking margaritas at the Belligio in Las Vegas. :smiley:

We’ve always been open for the 4th, but we’re closing this year.

It’s always been slow for us, but last year it hit rock bottom - possibly because it was on a Saturday. Our small store averages about $2,200 on Saturdays and we did $420 last year on the 4th. Our big store averages about $4,800 on Saturdays and did $1,400 last year.

Sundays are normally slow for us, so we’ve decided to close this year and take a day off.

ha, good thing I posted this as I was figuring this Thursday July 1st was the 4th :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be open regular hours then . . .

We close every year. We organize a softball game and picnic for our employees and their families. It’s really the only day of the year where we can all be off at the same time and enjoy something away from work. They always REALLY look forward to it and it’s become quite competitive. It’s a small reward – but a nice day off of work. We always look at the caller ID the next day and find that we don’t really miss that many phone calls.

we also close every year. this will be the first 2-days off in a row we’ve taken in 2.5 years :lol:

We will be closed this year.

I will be closed this year. Last year was our first one and we only did about 30% of normal sales. Might as well give the kids and myself a break.

We’re normally closed on Sundays as I have my whole “Deacon” thing to attend to. We are though contemplating closing on Monday July 5th. Mondays are usually a “break even” day for us which I’m ok with as we get a lot of restock/prep/cleaning work out of the way, but giving a bit of thought to just calling it a “vacation” and taking the entire day down.

It’ll probably come down to a coin flip.

I too am closed on Sundays…still have not made my mind up about Monday the 5th.

Always open for the 4th. It is the biggest tourist week of the whole summer and visitors need to eat! We do less than we will the other days of that week, but still a good day.

Canadian EH! :slight_smile:

Australia, mate ! :lol:

We will be open just like we are the other 364 days of the year. Last year we had a strong Saturday with over half of our business coming after 10:00 P.M. This year we expect to do 60-70% More than a normal Sunday. Keep in mind if you are open late, that Monday is a Holiday. People will be up late Sunday night which for us means they will be ordering pizza. Late night for us will be just as busy as on a Friday or Saturday night.

Closing to be with family. Nothing like the awe on a kids face while watching fireworks.

And all the oohhs and aahhs :smiley:


Considering our location, yes. We would be fools to close on the 4th.

We’ll be open regular hours Sunday. We’ve done 50%-60% our normal business on the 4th the last three years. If my family were here I’d close but they’re going to the beach. We have a family vacation planned in a few weeks so I’ll work the 4th and try and grab a few new customers and make it worth my while.

:shock: How did I miss that gem? :twisted: