Oh where oh where has our J_r0kk gone ?

Oh where oh where can he be ???

Anyone have any info on him ?

Or better yet, j_r0kk YOU update us please !

He was in the trenches fighting a turf/marketing war with a tough competitor, so I suspect he is still hard at it and has little time to chat with us.

I’ve been wondering where he was too! And he hasn’t replied to this topic which makes me think he is too busy to even view the Think Tank, because he would have put some sort of reply out there… Wish I could say I have been that busy, but unfortunately not. Hopefully when the weather gets colder and the evenings darker, the people will want to eat out more.

My goal before the end of 2007 is to do something so good that I get a “YOU DA MAN” (or “YOU DA WOMAN” in my case) from j_r0kk!

Hope we hear from him again soon!