Oil Filtration

We spend a considerable amount of time cleaning fryers and changing the oil. I’m wondering if anyone has better success with a filtration process. If so, any recommendations?


Your best bet would be an auto-filtering fryer, but you’re talking huge coin with that, in a high-volume situation, the saving in fryer shortening will more than pay for itself.

Taking care of your fryer shortening is huge too, no ice crystals, skim out the crumbs, etc etc etc.
We use the cheapest shortening available, we filter the fryer each night, and the biggest boon was going from frozen fries to fresh cut, we almost doubled the usable life of our shortening this way.

When I was in the restaurant business we had a portable machine that we would roll out to the fryer(s) and it had a pump so we would dump the oil into the machine and it would filter it and pump it back into the fryer. We had a lot of hand breaded items so we filtered the oil twice a day.