Oil for 60 quart hobart

I have a hobart 60 quart planetary mixer and need to add oil. What type of oil brand, grade etc… should I use?

This is a George question… or just give Hobart a call if you dont have a manual.

1-888-4HOBART (1-888-446-2278)

I also just saw they have manuals on their website at http://www.hobartcorp.com

Hi Pizzaduo

You need a special food grade oil. You can get it from any Hobart service company.

George Mills

I just talked to the local Hobart service company in Spokane, WA, and he told me that any 40 weight, non-detergent oil will work. He also suggested it is far cheaper to just get it at a local auto parts store, since we are over 120 miles away from him.

Nice guys… I like their honesty and not trying to extort some kind of expensive consumable for their equipment.

Oh and just to be clear, this is the gear oil added in through the top of the unit. I think it is a different for the planetary… some sort of food grade like George mentioned.

“any 40 weight, non-detergent oil will work”
Where did you get this info? I just called 2 diffrent Hobart places and they said that we need
but because neither of them had it in stock, they both said any 80w/90 Differential Oil is the same thing. I said what about 40 wieght? They said it’s not thick enough.

I can update to what Decidion had posted – since that was way back in Nov 2013 … in the end we are in fact using a 90 weight oil in our Hobart. Sorry he didn’t update his post. We obtained SAE 90, API GL-1 Mineral Gear Oil in a gallon jug of a generic store brand not a name brand.

BTW: when we originally followed the 90 weight search, most of all the available sources were 55 gallon drums, that was not what we needed or could afford as it would sit and never be used for the tiny amount we needed.

Hope that helps clarify!