OK, time to help PLEASE!!

check out the pizza school night

Indie Pizza writes:

^ As long as you remember to pay your taxes and lay off the blow.

I was gonna leave those details out of the equation, but yeah… lol… Just Say No.


There you go Greg Keenan, owner of Papa Keno’s. Due to your “kind” phone call made to me on Wednesday at 12:41 pm and your kind offer to “talk business any time” and ultimatum that I had 2 days to remove a comment that I made on an internet message board…two months ago. Looks like you’re going to be busy for awhile though (http://www.lawrence.com/weblogs/search_my_lost_blend/2008/may/21/papakenos).

Now, I was fine with deleting it, because it obviously bothered you SOOOOO much that you actually tracked down an anonymous poster on the internet and took the time out of your busy lunch schedule to try and bully, intimidate and threaten legal action on someone who should have zero importance in your life. But, hey, that could just be me. I’ve had much worse said about me directly, not just a generalized insinuation on the internet, but I’m more interested in what my wife, son (and second child on the way in a few weeks) think about me. Bullies just aren’t my thing, Greg Keenan, owner of Papa Keno’s who called me at 12:41 pm on Wednesday to make threats about a random comment made 2 months ago on an internet message board that wasn’t even intended to be about him.

Good luck to you though, I hope you make it another 10,000 weeks (192+ years?) http://mobile.ljworld.com/videos/sets/2008/jun/14/papa_kenos_returns/#video-19048[/url]

:?: :?: Did I miss something?

Wow! Talk about creepy. Sorry about that, Indie. Stalkers are never a good thing. :lol:

Yeah I want to know… lol

I didn’t know it was illegal to make accusations on the internet about people doin blow.

OK, the taxes and blow comment. I got it now.

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