Old dough mixer

We can get our hands on an old, but working, 80 qt. dough mixer for a very good price. http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs150.snc4/36858_1420536566907_1637464041_999609_6606450_a.jpg

It does have a steel bowl and a brass hook. Once we clean the rust out of the bowl, oil it up and clean the hook are there any operational, logistical, or regulatory issues facing us? Like I said, we can get it for a very good price.


why not just buy a new bowl and hook? I got an old shredder to go onto my mixer, it was a bit rusted, we got the rust off of it but the aluminum seems to rub off onto whatever touches it. Your fingers, the food… everything.

Whats your idea of a good price. I would not pay more than 500 bucks for that dinasour

One problem with an older “off brand” mixer is trying to locate parts. Very often the company is out of business and chances are a hobart bowl and hook will not fit properly.

A new (stainless) bowl can be had for approx. $2300.

That would take the deal well out of the range of a “good price”. We didn’t bother to ask the cost of a new hook.

If it works, as is, what issues should we expect to deal with? Any of the equipment gurus care to chime in? We don’t have thousands of $$ to spend on a new mixer, and can continue to struggle along with our 10-qt (yes, 10-quart) mixer for a while. Pizza is not our main attraction but is becoming more and more popular. Eventually we’ll need something bigger, but in the meantime this opportunity dropped into our lap.


Here’s my take.
Ditch the brass dough hook and get a reverse spiral dough hook, that is IF you can find one that will fit. Find a Hobart attachment from a 80-quart mixer (it doesn’t need to be a hook) and see if it fits, if it does, a Hobart bowl may also fit. Again, borrow one to check it out. If it doesn’t fit, save your money. If you’re under the gun for a larger mixer, you can pick up a good VCM for 2K or less. Just make sure the VCM has a DULL blade for mixing dough. The sharp blade is for cutting veggies and cheese. Then, you can always buy a planetary mixer later, and save the VCM for cutting cheese and making sauce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Like I said, we can get it for a very good price.

What’s a very good price on this item? I just sold a fully functional 80 quart Hobart with a really nice stainless bowl and reverse spiral hook on Ebay for $1600. There are plenty of deals on used Hobarts if you look.