old dough !

90% of the pizzas i sell are large and when i sell a med. or small i use a large dough and cut it down. then i take the scrap dough and mix it back in to my new dough . Is that ok? any input is appreciated

Some pizza makers wouldn’t have it any other way! What % of your new dough is old dough?

Ive never had success with this because the dough you are scrapping has already been through the mixing process and has proofed and is older, so you are mixing older proofed dough with new dough and I just never liked doing that.

I would rather use older dough for something else like bread sticks or desert pizzas, cin rolls, anything but new crust.


We have 3 sizes of pizza and 3 dough ball weights.

The scraps go in the garbage. We use bread crumbs on a wooden make peel and when the scraps go in a tub they are full of bread crumbs and flour from the roller. Used dough gets tough and is harder to work with.

Having 3 dough ball weights cuts down on scrap amounts.

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So long as you manage your dough properly, you should be able to add at least a portion of youe scrap dough back into fresh dough. As soon as the scrap is generated, immediately place it into a container in the cooler.
Then, at the end of the day, when you mix your new dough, you can add the scrap back to the new dough at an amount not to exceed 15% of the total, new dough weight. So, if you are mixing a dough based on 50-pounds of flour weight, the total dough weight would be something close to 81-pounds. 15% of 81-pounds is 12.15 (call it 12-pounds). So you can add up to 12-pounds of scrap dough to the new dough. Just make sure you don’r overload your mixer in doing so. Another thing I do with scrap dough is to convert it into Focaccia for use as a dipping bread, or into breadsticks. It works well for both of these applications.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor