Old Lincoln Impinger

We have an old style Lincoln Impinger 1000 conveyor oven.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to convert the old style gas valve without having a complete rebuild done.

Or does anyone have an old style valve around that they want to part with?

Check with MF&B, before the Edge Oven, their main line was refurbishing those Lincolns and they also sold new and used parts. http://www.ovenguys.com/

Thanks Rick, we did speak to them. They wanted us to take the ovens there for a complete rebuild. We don’t feel that that is what we want to do with this old of an oven. We are just looking for ways to get it operational in case we need a spare, or to run for a month or so, for my good oven to go in for a complete rebuild.

Try Ray webb in Texas he buys and rebuilds lincolns , usually has old parts around

Thank you. We will give them a call

check out http://www.cyb-tec.com/
They probably have what you need.
George Mills