Old middleby engery cost vs Newer oven costs

Thinking about new ovens and i found a set of PS360-WB’s for 6,000 double stacked. But i am sure they suck down the propane. and would not be cheap to run but they are super cheap

I was wondering how much cheaper a double stack XLT 3270 or a Edge Ovens would be in terms of propane and fuel. If the savings would be a few hundred a month it would be worth it. Currently my i spend about 700 a month on propane with my PS360-Q double stack and we run both ovens about 30% of the time.

We have a triple stack of edge 60’s and a gas hot water and our bill runs around $400/month. We are on natural gas though. We are open 17 hours/day. We also save hundreds each month on our electric bill. Our 12.5 tons of ac don’t work nearly as hard with the edge ovens. The employees also enjoy the cooler store and the quieter ovens.

Hi jokergerm:

Predicting operating costs is a difficult task.

I can note that the manufactures indicated claim a 30 to 40 % operating costs reduction. That includes a reduction of cost in electrical operation.

I have no reason to doubt their claims.

The only way to determine your savings is to do it.

I would note there is a substantial savings in cleaning costs and as both XLT and Edge offer 5 year warranties you ha potential service savings over what you may encounter over your older ovens.

George Mills

Just closed out my 1st accounting period and for the 1st 28 days of 2012 (new Edge60 ovens) compared to 2011(old Blodgett 3270 ovens) we saw a 15% reduction in utility costs at one store and a 24% at the other. I posted my nat. gas therm graph in the Edge Oven thread that got locked which showed a noticeable drop in usage. Quieter, less heat in the kitchen, a working split-belt (allows us to go down to one oven at the slowest times) and a better bake are all benefits.

The utility savings pay for the interest on the loan. Also, no repair bills since the switch has been applied to hiring a company to come in every 6 months and professionally steam clean/detail the ovens.

I see the purchase of new ovens as a decent long-term investment.