Old Mixer Help

We recently were told we had to have our mixing bowl re-tinned. After sending it out they could not fix it. Our mixer is EXTREMELY old, it’s a Century brand ~1940’s? The mixer still works great but our bowl was destroyed when they tried to fix it. Does anyone have any idea where we could find a new bowl?

If not, what’s your suggestions on a new planetary mixer, 50 pounds of flour; total weight about 83lbs when all ingredients mixed.

Thank you in advance!


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Have you tried ebay

Ouch. Who tried to repair it? Seems like they should be held accountable for “destroying” it.

Can’t go wrong with a Hobart mixer. We use both 60 and 80 quart models in different stores. Our batches are typical 50lbs flour batches. I prefer the 80 quart because it seems like less wear on the machine but the 60q has been going strong for a very long time so who knows… We use a bowl extension on the 60q where the 80q doesn’t require one and has plenty of room.

I’ve tried everything that I can think of. I don’t know if there’s another one even out there anymore. Just trying to avoid dropping 16k into a new Hobart

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They dipped it in acid as part of the repair process. The metal was too thin to repair, I can’t fault them for it, I am rather agitated that they didn’t tell us the bowl was actually ruined before sending it back to us and charging us the shipping. We’re leaning towards a HL662 just from looking online but we may look into used

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