Old Pizza Oven for Wood Fired Brick Oven

Hi All,
I am building a wood fired brick oven, I have an opportunity to buy an old pizzeria oven for $ 50.00 My thought is using the stone from the oven as my oven floor. I am unfamiliar as to what its actually made of. Does anyone know if this would be a good base for the oven, and if it would take the heat from having a wood fire burning directly on it ? Im pretty sure it would heat up well as they heat it with a gas burner from the bottom. I would also place this over the top of the firebrick base. All thoughts, comment or suggestions are appreciated and welcomed…
Thanks Mark

I’m not sure what the deck your referring to is like, but I’ve taken a broken stone from one of my ovens home to do kinda the same thing. I use mine in a gas grill to bake bread at home. I cut it with an angle grinder to fit my grill, it works really well. The theory behind what you want to do is sound, but without knowing the specifics it’s hard to say definitively.

I don’t know anything about the oven you’re building, but the key to a wood burning oven is in the massive deck it has to retain the latent heat. Without this, you’re doomed to constantly feeding wood to the oven to keep the fire going to keep heating the deck. With a deck several inches (4 to 8-inches) thick, once the deck is up to temperature (could take a full day) the oven requires just a little fire to maintain the heat for the day, and you’l never have to worry about the deck cooling off during slam periods. If this is something you’re building to bake a few pizzas at home, an inch or so of stone (deck material) should work well for you. The next step up would be using a deck made from fire bricks. They’ll make a more massive deck and hold more latent heat.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor