Olive Oil

What is the “best” brand of Olive Oil to use in pizza dough recipe. I am somewhat of a fan of “Bertolli” for use in my home for all cooking

For use IN the dough use a lower grade of olive oil. The flavor is stronger and more robust so it works well in that application, for all other applications use any high quality EVO that comes either in a tin or dark colored container.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


From what I was told by another person was that I should use a standard straight Olive Oil, not extra virgin or any light oil, so not sure on brand quality or low grade brand. I was told that extra virgin has a more robust flavor, I do know that if you get the oil in a tin or dark colored container it saves on flavor as light dissipates it, if thats the term I want to use, dont think I would use it in any other application or recipes. Guess I would just have to make small batches with different brands to see what is good or not

The EVO has a much more delicate flavor than that which has been pressed to death. This delicate flavor is lost in the dough, so why use it except to drive up your dough cost. While on the topic of cost, many operators control the cost of their olive oil by using a blended oil in their dough. This is typically a blend of 20% low cost olive oil and 80% canola or some other vegetable oil.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yes currently we have been using an 80-20 blend over the last 15 or so yrs, I went out to another town in a business venture to possibly purchase another shop and they use strictly 100% olive oil, had one of their pizzas and truthfully I miss the flavor of the olive oil in the dough, back in the 80’s and early 90’s that’s all we used was 100% olive oil, and over the yrs, it was switched because of the cost, I really never thought about the oil that much until I had their pizza with olive oil, and it was absolutely very good crust.

I actually just input into my data system on the break down for cost per ounce. My 80-20 blend I currently use is .07 cents per ounce, I bought a bottle of bertolli as Sams club the cost per ounce on that was only .15 cents, and the price quote I got from my supplier was at .17 cents per ounce,

In my dough recipe it moves the cost from .01 cents per ounce up to .02 cents per ounce on dough cost

I have to look at my formula tomorrow because after thinking about the cost after I left the shop something does not seem correct with my current dough cost. As it stands my formula says cost per ounce is 01cent ??. Will update tomorrow

I haven’t costed out our dough for some time now, but the last time I did it was coming in at about $0.02 per ounce, or about 32-cents per pound. Since then we have seen price increases in the ingredients across the board so it might be a little higher by now.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yeah Im correct currently my dough cost is .01 cents per ounce, so switching over from 80/20 blended oil over to olive oil, is only going to raise the price 1 penny and in my eyes that is truely not bad at all, just need to find what “brand” of 100% pure olive oil is best, not EVO or virgin olive oil

One of my personal favorites is to use pomace oil (type of olive oil). This is pretty stout in flavor, but really flavors the dough well.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom: FYI, dont know if I would use this after reading the warnings below:I pulled this from Wikipedia. Also check this link out http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil- … e-oil/6210

Olive pomace oil
Oil consisting of a blend of refined olive-pomace oil and virgin olive oils fit for consumption as they are. It has a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 1 gram per 100 grams and its other characteristics correspond to those laid down for this category. In no case shall this blend be called “olive oil”.

Warnings about possible carcinogenic properties of olive-pomace oil have been issued by the British Food Standards Agency as well as others.[3]

Quoted from the above reference, "Olive-Pomace oil is made from the residue left after producing virgin olive oil. It is the lowest grade of oil and it represents only a tiny amount of the UK vegetable oil market, around 0.25% of the one million tonnes consumed each year.

In July the Spanish government told us that high levels of contaminants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some of which can cause cancer, were found in some olive-pomace oil products.

The contamination is believed to result from the process used to produce this oil. The Spanish government introduced a temporary ban on olive-pomace oil in response to these findings.

It has now set legal limits for the maximum amount of PAHs in olive oil."

I hear what you’re saying but check on the carcinogens in french fries, any fried food, carbon is another one (think of all those lovely charred bubbles on an artisan pizza) or on an English muffin, and then add in trans-fats, and potassium bromate…I’m running out of things to eat here!
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

:lol: :lol: :lol: I hear ya

Well after making 4 small batches using different brands of olive oil, my first batch I made was with standard 100% classic Bertolli olive oil, flavor profile could not tell anything different. Next batch I made was with E.V.O.O. from Bertolli brand, WOW. what a hugh difference, really liked that one, seems to me that is gave my dough a bit of a flavor profile like I added a bit of butter fat to the pizza. Not sure why, BUT I liked it a lot

I have not tried the next 2 batches I just made, 1 was with a brand of E.V.O.O. called " Chefs Daily" from Sams Club, this oil seems a bit more on the darker side than the Bertolli brand,and other brand of oil came from my supplier, it is a 100% pure olive oil branded from “Imperial Brand” packaged for my supplier with their name on label “SOFO”, color seems about the same as the Bertolli brand.

Very curious to see what the flavor profile of the “Chefs Daily” E.V.O.O. is going to turn out like being that the color was a bit darker.

I’d be curious if a ‘blind’ tasting would prove more beneficial…

My workers liked the E.V.O.O. from Bertolli brand, with out telling them. I will eventually make up a few just cheese, and put them out for customers to try on one of our busy nites, and get their opinions. I just want to try the other 2 batches that I just made first before putting them out for others to try.