olive oil

what effect does adding olive oil to sauce have on the pizza in general, does it effect the cheese at all

I do not know, I do not put olive oil in my sauce.
Personally, I prefer the olive oil drizzeled on the pizza immediatly out of the oven, a tricky thing to do when doing volume.

I do sprinkle romano/parmesan cheese and oregano on the pizza as it exits the oven, I think it is more effective than mixing with the sauce…just my opinion, i’ve had great pizzas both ways…
I think it has a good impact as seen by the customers,


red sauce doesn’t really need oil, if you use olive oil in the dough, it gives it an awesome taste.

I use a few cups of olive oil blend to 6 cans of sauce…

I season the pizza w/a blend of spices & grated parmesan b4 it goes into the oven, rather than after…

We use only extra virgin olive oil in our sauce. It’s no a huge amount (in fact it’s 50% less that the amount of blended oil that we once used).

The whole idea of using is to form a thin but effective resistance to other forms of moisture in other toppings that can make your dough soggy. Even our thinnest pies “crackle” when we cut them… and it’s music to our ears! The improvement in the taste is well worth the pennies per pie cost increase. :smiley: