olive oil

Hey Tom,

I want to switch from an 80/20 (veg to olive) blended oil to an pure or extra virg olive oil. any thoughts on which bakes better and, more importantly, will I have change the amounts in my current recipe?


The recipe is the same. I believe Tom has said there is really no benefit to going pure olive oil as the blend already gives you the flavor.

The biggest difference you will notice is the increase in cost. I use 50/50 EVOO to Canola oil.

As you know, the 100% olive oil will cost more. The impact in flavor won’t be as dramatic though. My own personal thoughts are that an extra virg. olive oil is wasted in making pizzas, instead opt for a Pomace Oil, it is a bit lower in cost, and stronger, more robust, in flavor making it ideally suited for use in a baking application such as in the dough or sauce. If you will be using the olive oil as a dipping oil, or adding it to the hot, fresh baked pizza, my suggestion in this application is to go with the extra virg. grade olive oil. Also, if you want to brush olive oil on the edge of the crust after baking, or apply it to an order of breadsticks, just before sprinkling on the powdered Parmesan Cheese, I’d go with an extra virg. oil for these applications too. I like to have both types on hand. In most cases you won’t need to make any changes in the amount of oil used when making the switch, but in cases where a higher oil level is used (above 3%) , you may find that you will need to reduce the amount of Pomace oil used in the dough as opposed to the blended oil.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor