Olympic Silver!!

Our friend Nancy Spillane’s son Johnny just won the Silver in Nordic Combined at the Olympics! Local kid Todd Lodwick came in 4th (his mother was teaching 5th grade in the elementary school my kids went to when they were there) and Bill domong, also from our town of 10K people came in 6th! A big day in our little town… We have high hopes for the upcoming team event!

Got to get into it as well.
Our Aussie male mogul skier got silver following his gold last time around.
To all you Canadians I don’t want to hear who won gold … don’t care … not interested … . home town result !!! :lol:
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,
Oi, Oi, Oi
Go the Boxing Kangaroo


No, no, no…he’s not a real Aussie. He’s a Canadian exPat. Nice try though. :smiley:

I guess he did not like the press hounding him about his controversial web business…

OK. I concede that point, BUT why did he leave Canada to live in Australia ? Surely not for our snow - we hardly get any here, but at the moment probably more than they have up on Cypress.


Something to do with making millions running an internet spam business that he started at age 15. That’s why he doesn’t have sponsors either, doesn’t need 'em.