Olympic specials?

Hi. Is anyone doing anything special for the Olympics?

How about an 8 topping pizza to represent the 8 gold medals that Michael Phelps will win!!!

Let’s hope we bring home some serious hardware from China! We have many great athletes representing the USA.

I think the “Olympic Pizza” is a great idea! Maybe a blend of international cheeses with pepperoni making the olympic rings logo. I’d buy one :smiley:
O O[/size]

Or some type of international Olympic supreme…canadian bacon, italian sausage, spanish olives, US mozzarella…
somebody help me here!!!

How about one full of growth hormones?

That would sure to be a winner … oops, that would be cheating. :lol:


So here’s what we have so far guys:

“The Gold Medal” Pizza (new!)
ONLY 3 PAYMENTS OF $29.99!!!

Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, Spanish olives, US mozzarella, Chinese steamed rice, HGH, Anabolic steroids, Rip Fuel, Caffeine, Creatine, Protein powder

*Must allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.