OMG c/c Processing fees

i have seen on here several times people complaining about fees but never really looked
crap i am paying anywhere from 3.22%-3.54% and not even getting kissed if you know what i mean

i am using cynergy data but that is going to change as soon as i get a chance to get leads from you guys

i need a machine also gotta drop this stupid northern leasing crap


thanks dennis

Northern Leasing is the biggest thief/scamming scumbag company involved in the credit card industry! Whatever credit card processor that set you up with them is GARBAGE and you need to get the he!! away from them. The sales rep probably earned hundreds of dollars in commissions setting you up with Northern. As far as fees go, I am set up on a cost plus 8 cents and with my 85% keyed transactions I average a little over 3%. If you are doing mostly swiped transaction there are a bunch of companies that will beat the rates you are paying.

Damn, u picked the worst 2 companies in the industry to do business with…I wish you searched the think tank before you signed that piece of sh!t contract. Just be prepared to get endless phonecalls from the Northern Leasing boiler room collections department to collect on the remander of the lease. I fought them for about a year and took them to court to finally get them off my back. I even got a call from eyewitness news in NY for a story they were doing on Northern Leasing’s shady business dealings all across the country…bunch of freakin crooks!

BUY a machine! Ebay, new processor whatever…then switch immendiately. Go to interchange plus program with a reputable processor (RBS, Heartland, etc) you might pay a little more but you will not get raped

Good Luck!

If you switch to a reputable company, you will pay less, not more. We use Heartland and have very pleased with them. The rate comes to between 2.6 and 2.8% per month with all fees etc. We are about 80% delivery with no sit-down.

In our other business (retail, credit card almost always present and swiped, $180 ticket average) our CC fees are about 1.7%. the difference comes from the delivery business which is mostly small ticket size, cards entered by hand over the phone and not swiped.

If the old guys bother you with collections, write them a letter to stop and then go straight to the BBB.

you will definitely get a much better rate than what u r paying now…I was talking about what they promised you would be paying

thanks for the info guys

Fat Boy,

If you want any assistance at all with buying a machine, i"m glad to help. 3 years ago I bought on eBay a brand new, last year’s model at the time, Verifone Omni 3730 for $65 delivered. You find the machine you want, and you can find it or the previous model inexpensively. It took a little patience and willingness to find the deal, but it works. NEVER had an issue with the machine, and all companies can program this one I have. $65 bucks is really hard to beat for a machine with a warrantee.

Re: OMG c/c Processing fees RELIEF, MAYBE?

from an article last month :

SNIP >>>Retailers are asking the Senate to address credit card swipe fees in financial services reform legislation expected to be on the floor this week…The letter also asked that the Federal Reserve be given the authority to require that debit card transactions pass “at par,” meaning that merchants would receive the full value of the transaction the same as with cash or checks rather than paying the interchange fees that card industry banks currently collect.<<<<< SNIP

Has anybody heard anything new since this legislation was presented in April?

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bodegahwy, how did you figure your overall %?

I’m checking figures off of last months statement and it’s coming out to be 3.9%

Total fees (all types no matter what they call them) divided by total credit card transactions.

Running @ 2.41% (with American Express included) for 2010, a savings of 0.76% over Heartland and ZERO security and chargeback issues.

Our last bill was 2.6% for total fees.

you guys are getting ripped off in the US - I’ve just looked at my last bill and I paid 1.1% and 1.4% (fees/total cc sales) and that includes terminal rental.

And before anyone queries who I’m with… RBS. Go figure!

A. Where the H#ll are you? I can’t remember.

B. It’s okay; we’re used to getting knocked in the head so whiny foreign markets can have their reduced rates on everything . . . CC rates . . . pharmaceuticals . . . :lol:

[size=2](how’s that for stirring the pudding, Dave?)[/size]

A huge first step!!!

HEADLINES!!! Banks lose lobbying effort over debit-card fees! Measure to the financial reform bill passes the senate with a vote of +64.

A) Don’t worry your not losing your memory - I’ve never said. I’ve not really done too bad to say I’ve been on here for 6 years really!

B) its that so whiny foreign markets can send over their banks to make huge profits from you? RBS = Royal Bank of Scotland - although that’s not a great example as they went bust and the UK government/tax payers bailed them out - so in a way we’re both getting screwed!!!

I’m gonna have to look at mine. I know the last time I checked it came in at 2.8.

I did get a check a few months back from Visa (not RBS) it was some kind of refund deal that had to do with the debit transactions for the past several years. Never did anything…I remember a year or so ago getting some kind of class action deal and it said I could fill out my CC sales etc and I didn’t do anything cuz I didn’t want to go through several years…ya know they have that information on a computer somewhere. Anyway it was about a hundred bucks.
Maybe solutions gal knows what I am talking about.

As for the machine…why on earth would anyone lease one? We bought ours online. Our last one we got from RBS and it was a great deal I think like 199 bucks it has the printer and terminal…our other one was just outdated and overused. They split the charge over 3 months.


Hi there everyone, just wanted all of you to know that my daughter finally got her heart transplant and she is doing great!
I have been out of pocket dealing with her transplant for the last 6 weeks, so I’m a little behind on replying to posts that deal with POS and Credit Card processing.

I will be reviewing posts that are relevant to our industry and will be posting like a mad woman shortly. Thanks to all who have kept my family in their thoughts and prayers…it worked!

That is great news!

Glad to hear she is doing well…hope you are too, that would be a tough thing to handle.