OMG, did you see cheese prices today?

I’m not holding my breathe, but wouldn’t it be nice if it kept coming down. :lol:

They’ve been up and down this much repeatedly over the last few weeks. Sooner or later, someone has to come up with a better way of pricing cheese. When the cheese market can rise based on absolutly no sales, something is not working.

gasoline goes up and down for no reason. Now with the CME cheese does the same. I think in the long run these higher food prices will be the best thing that has ever happened to my business. When the food prices come down my prices won’t. Also my competitors have felt the sting of the higher costs like I have and some won’t make it. My area started with 26 at the begining of 07 and that number has been reduced to 23 to start 08. I feel strong and am pushing hard so lets hope 08 is a very bloody year. My goal is to reduce the herd by another 5 by mid year. Happy hunting.