..omg.. Plastic sales up!!


Its just not getting better. Credit/Debit card usage is pegging 48% already (thru Jan)!!! Up 10% over last year and I don’t see it going down, only up. Any advice on how to cut the merchant costs? I’m around 2.7%, but its 2.7% of an additional 20% of sales it looks like.

oh man, I wish I was at 50% CC to cash. I’m more like 60-70% credit/debit sales. We are living in a plastic world :frowning:

Don’t feel too bad… my full service restaurant has had nights that we were over 100% because of the tips. It really stinks to have to go withdraw cash from the ATM to pay out the tips for the night.

My quick serve restaurant is usually at 75-80% cards.

piper that happened to me twice this week

I don’t know that it is all that bad having a high % of plastic. If some dude came in with a gun he can have all the cc tabs he wants. Give me plastic any day, but then again our costs are only about 1.5%


yeah I guess you could say 100 percent cc really reduces employee theft as well

Credit card sales were 56% of my sales month ending yesterday. Because so few of my transactions are swiped my cost on these transactions averages just over 3.1%.

I overcame this problem by getting a couple of portable machines that my drivers take with them. It has worked out well and the chances of fraud are reduced as the card must be swiped on delivery.

53% :? We are seeing more and more check cards, people using cyber cash. Visa/MC were smart to add that feature, and we pay for it.

I looked into this but can’t make it work for my store without costing more. I can’t see how I could use mobile machines and not have enough machines to have one for each driver on our busiest night. The companies I looked into each charge a monthly access fee for each machine eating away any savings I would get by having the swiped rate.