OMG power out all over the county

OMG power out all over the county ice storm ran down to TX and rented a generator made my money back on it plus 3 times normal sales for a friday night only place to get hot food in county tommorow will be crazy

huh? 29 Sunny here brah

We should finish installing our 20KW propane gen by 1 March. It’ll pay for itself the first time the power goes out - and it will go out.

I had that in my original business plan, now that we’re doing great it’s time to get one too. We have a bad ice problem here.

lmao… did you just say “brah”? That is too funny.

I lived in Squaw Valley for a couple years, even though I’m 47, my vocabulary is still that of a 18 year old, sorry brah.

                                                                                  Can't help meh self  :wink:

Lol thats awesome. Especially the way you spell it. 8)

That’s considered the appropriate spelling here in Hawaii. :smiley:

See? Mahalo!

Shoots, cuz! :smiley: