On-line ordering is up and running

We have used Prism by Microworks now for over 11 years. We recently added on-line ordering with them. They did the menu creation, host the ordering website, integrate the system with our POS. It seems like a pretty good system so far. No headaches with the set up. There are a couple of things I wish it would do that it does not so far but they are working on changes to the system to respond to the things we were asking about.

Much as when we added credit card sales to our POS with internet based clearing, this experience was another good experience with Prism/Microworks. (What I have come to expect!)

Now… We have had a handfull of orders, but not really very many. How have those of you that have on-line ordering driven first time traffic? What offers? What on-line ad placements? Box Toppers?

We decided to keep things simple, so we do not allow any form of payment other than CC for deliveries placed on line and we also did only at-once orders. We also minimized the amount of cooking instructions etc available.

I put my website on our car signs, pizza boxes and all marketing material. The first few months only about 1% to 2% of our orders came thru online. After a year we are up to about 4% to 5%. Not as much as I thought but thats fine. Online, phone in or walk in, whatever way they want to order if fine with me.


We implemented online ordering about six months ago with moderate to minimal success. At the beginning of August I started a promotion where all orders placed on-line receive free delivery…my online orders have more than doubled.

Since the average ticket of on-line orders is substantially higher I have no problem giving up the $2 delivery charge. Also, when they order on-line it is an unobstrusive way of getting their email address, which I can use later for email marketing.

Not sure I really understand the logic of this? Why wouldn’t you allow cash payment for online order?

I was wondering this myself… i’ve only had 1 prank online order in 2 years.

About 80% of my olo sales are cash.

You can always go from cash and credit to credit only if you encounter problems.