on line orders

HELP !!!
i would like to start taking orders on line…does anyone have a company that they use and like or can tell me who to stay away from? thanks


There’s a million companies offering online ordering. Stay away from those that solicit your business here on the Think Tank and have only a few posts. They are trying to build a customer base without spending a dollar on advertising. Do you use a POS? I would ask them first, and see what they have that integrates. Otherwise, I would try to find the company that would charge you the least while advertising the most to your prospective customers.

Take that advise and contact your POS rep! I use Revention so I’m tied in with Hunger Rush. I like it a lot I can update my online menu in 5 minutes. There are a lot out there.

we use rfg marketing and are very happy with them

ONOSYS has a strong platform.

I highly suggest you start making the move to internet ordering. My internet order are now 35% of my sales. It reduces the stress in the restaurant on a Friday night when the phone is ringing 1/3 less. My average internet order is also 30% greater than my phone sale orders. My average phone ticket is $28. my average internet order is $37. Plus the reduces phone calls allows me to run with one less staffer during rush which saves me about 3% Labor cost. Plus internet ordering has reduced my Marketing cost Substantially. I email my internet customers once a week with an aggressive coupon to increase their frequency, bulk emailing cost me a fraction of what direct mailing cost.

How do you like Revention in regards to:

tech support?
ease of use?

I was very close to going with them a couple years ago.