On the fence about the business!!HELP!!!!

Maybe some of you experienced guys can help!! I’m right on the edge of diving into the pizza business, but keep having second thoughts. Im in a decent town(67,000 people), lots of pizza joints, but am really thinking about starting up a delivery/carryout business with pizzas, subs, salads and cold beverages. Its gonna be a simple menu with with experience making it(we are using a pizza recipe that was used in this town a long time ago that made this pizza shop the most popular in town) Right now I see shops come and go, but all seem to taste the same no matter where you go in town. I know we can make a real good product that is unique compared to the others in town. I was just wondering some of the ins and outs of the business. Whats the usual profits/losses the first few months, what problems could i experience, etc. Just kind of teetering back and forth right now and hoping something will just kick me to one side or the other!!! Thanks for any help guys!!!

I am doing the same, further along than you.
My best recommendation is to attend a pizza show, meet a lot of people in the business, take some enlightening seminars, and knowing that it will seem rather overwhelming.
There are 2 good shows in September, check them out, invest the time first.
good luck,