On the subject of box toppers

Question for the group…Do you print your own or do you have them printed (i.e full color). I have been laser printing on neon bright paper, but was thinking of ordering from CFM, to match the menus. Just wondering who has this “common style” throughout their printed materials and if it works noticably better.

i have mine done full color thru gotprint.com . i know there’s other companies that offer about the same price, but i use them since they are closer to me than other print shops (geographically), so my shipping is lower than if i used a shop in florida.

if you have alot done up at once, the cost gets pretty good


Do you us an expiration date or just “limited time offer”?

i like to use an actual expiration date, so it adds urgency…but all my staff know that we still accept them even if they’re expired.