One phase vs three phase mixers

I’m wondering how many on this board have a one phase mixer? From my reading the only advantage of a one phase mixer is there is no cost to upgrade the electrical. From my understanding a one phase is also much harder on the motor.

Can anyone who has a single phase mixer talk about why they went that direction?

The only reason I can see to go to a single phase mixer is that 3 phase power is not currently available to the space.

Thin2win is correct:

George Mills

Freddy, I started out with a single phase, 30QT mixer, but upgraded to a (3ph) 60QT the second year. I spent about $700 for a 3 phase motor (an electrician runs a single phase line into it, then it provides 3phase current for the mixer).

Hi freddy the difference between single phase and three phase is that three phase is a more balanced load. With single phase you’ll just have a standard plug to connect your mixer to the power source. This is comprised of a live wire, a neutral wire and an earth wire. On a three phase socket you will have your neutral wire and your earth wire but three live wires - so the current will be spread over the three live wires. (5 in total). This is recommended for large equipment that require more power than smaller appliances. In my store i have a three phase oven but my mixer is just single phase. I’ve had no problem with the mixer. If you want to purchase three phase equipment you need to make sure your store has a three phase supply. You can contact your electricity company and they will be able to install a three phase supply but it requires some work and can be very quite expensive.