one year anniversary!!

still poor…still here :smiley: Been reading here for a while. This is my first post- soooo much info here… any ideas for celebrating? I’m carryout/delivery only. Any input greatly appreciated

Way to go! That’s quite an accomplishment. I know how you must feel. We celebrated our 1st anniversary at the end of May. Rented a place for the night, brought in a band, served refreshments (non-alcoholic), & cake; had pizza specials, door prizes (free shirts and appetizers), and everyone had a great time. We received a lot of positive feedback for the event so even though it was expensive, we got our pizza in front of many people who may not have tried our pizza or hadn’t had it in awhile. We also introduced three new pizzas in which we offered free samples of.

Many Congrats to you…I will be happy next April when I can post the same about a 1 year Anniversary. Best Wishes for your second year and the years to follow with wealth included.