One Year TT Report

It’s just a tad over a year ago that I came across Think Tank and started reading and posting.

Briefly I look back and report on what I have learnt from all the posters on this forum in the past 12 months.

I have learnt that we can all learn something from everyone else no matter how smart we think we are, or what we think we know.

I have gained enormous information and ideas that have helped me grow my business way ahead of our plans. We are 12 months ahead of our projections in sales levels.

That Box toppers work. Not everything that works in the US can be readily adapted to my market but I will look at trying something if it fits our operation.

I have been told that I am a Dingbat ( oops says Nick, Dingo) and probably been thought of by others at times as being worse :lol:

I have also found that you fellow posters are very tolerant of my often long posts - heaven help you if we ever get to meet in person. :lol:

It has been reinforced that despite any hostilities, arrogance, emotional triades, brain explosions that a good laugh mends a lot of fences.

That a frienships can be made through the written word across the miles and I count each and everyone of you as distant friends.

Thanks to Tom at PMQ and the Think Thank family for everything you have all done, your comments and posts, and especially to Nick who loves to give me heaps.