Online Employment Application

Hey all - I am wondering what you would include in a short form employment application?

I am going to post a short form that can be filled out on my website for job application. Once the person pushes submit it will send me the form in an email both at the appropriate store and at my office email.

I am just wondering if I should put all fields from my current PRINT application that I use or trim it to just more pertinent info only.

Why would you want to encourage folks to apply online?..If they are not prepared to come into your store in person are they really a person you want?..Maybe I am way off base here but it was the 1st thought that came to mind…

Actually you may be…lol

I tend to weed out the people just “applying” to satisfy their unemployment or other needless obligations. Sort of a pre-screen. Also being right in the middle of the “green police state” reducing paper, etc is good for my community standing.

I am with Royster. I want them to come in person to the store. I have zero time to wade through throw away applications from people surfing a couch someplace either day dreaming about moving to the mountains or satisfying unemployment requirements.

Ive had my best success in getting to email me 1st, usually from a CL ad…

Then I can choose who to follow up on

Here is the top portion of my one page application. The layout is designed to make it easy for me to wade through many applications quickly. If the POSITION AND AVAILABILITY section is not a match to my needs I quit reading. The rest of the form asks for references and more employment history as well as the legalese required.

So you ONLY allow people to turn in applications at a specific time of day? Just does not seem logical. Emails move quickly to a folder…“Non-Hires”.

I want to meet people in person too. Not sure not wanting all the wasted paper for the 85% of the people that are just filling out applications is necessary though. Pre-screening process, most of the very good people I have working for me have been here for a long time and they turned in their applications when I was not in the store. I guess if I were in a small town then I would not care.

Thanks Wayne - that’s kind of what I was thinking. General stats, plus what they are looking for. I was playing around with Domino’s one online and they have a 12 page assessment test that I believe is a personality quiz. Plus Basic Math questions, etc.

I think the purpose of the 12 page quiz is to weed out the the couch people. Only a serious applicant will take the test.


“So you ONLY allow people to turn in applications at a specific time of day? Just does not seem logical. Emails move quickly to a folder…“Non-Hires”.”

Where did that come from? I never said anything close to that. However, we do only accept applications that are dropped off in person. I don’t care what time of day they are dropped off. We live in a very small town. If they are not interested enough to show up in person they don’t want the job.

Right my point is that is the same thing - I just am avoid the paper waste - you still only call back the ones that fit other criteria since you did not see them in the first place - that is what I was saying.

I will still have the paper apps on site in the stores. But rather than the craigslist emails floating around and getting the “bot” responses, I can find people who are seeking actual jobs and take the time to fill out our pre-employment application online.

Good morning Dale. Another early riser…

We only hire a few people a year so we tend to run ads with a flyer on our box-top and with Facebook posts but occasionally we do place an ad on craigslist. I guess we get 20-30 applications a year including random walk-ins and typically hire 5-6 people. More employees come from friends of current employees than from ads. This winter we have 18 employees. Of these I think only two are new in the last year. A few more are former employees that returned.

I used to get CL emails from people all over the country when we advertised but now we get zero craigslist emails of any kind. I set the ad not to accept emails and state “please apply in person”.

I guess if I were hiring a lot more people for multiple stores and had to deal with a high volume of applications I might feel differently about it. As it is, we get enough applications and only from people who are actually in town and looking for work.

Hi Dale,

My online application is a full application, with all fields and more than were on my printed application.

If you haven’t built a form yet, I used JotForm to create it. There is a monthly fee for it if you use more than 10 secure submissions per month, but I use it for my rewards program sign up as well so it didn’t cost me more. It’s 9.95 per month.

It’s an extremely powerful form builder that let’s you use conditional fields and client-side verification. I’m capable of writing a javascript form myself, but I think the monthly fee is worth it to be able to make simple changes and modifications without diving back into the programming.

I’ve gone overboard with it (like I always do!) and I have it submit to a PHP script I wrote on my webserver. The script analyzes the application, stamps it with some information, and then e-mails it to me. My gmail account filters using the stamped information and decides what to do with it and what labels to attach.

So for example, I’m currently looking for a 21+ year old server that can work Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, is looking for part-time, and lives within 10 miles of the store (I tend to disqualify applicants that need to make a long commute for a part time job - it never works out). An application meeting that criteria will get stamped in a way that it goes straight to my inbox and gets marked as important (which goes to my phone as well).

An application for a server that doesn’t meet that criteria will get labeled as “Application” and filed under the “Server” sub-label, but it skips the inbox. I can then take a look at it at my leisure, instead of spending my day wading through applications that don’t even come close to what I’m looking for.

You can probably do a lot of sorting type stuff without the PHP script, just using Gmail’s filtering system. After setting this up I would never go back to paper applications. We get inundated with applications at times, and I’m very happy to have streamlined the process.

Sounds very cool Piper…my web guy uses Gravity Forms but I will look at that other one too. Thanks