online faxing to businesses

does anyone know how to send faxes for free over the net? … but i dont think the free program would work in your case… but either way they have cheap monthly fees. but check it out sometimes there are delays sending and receiving

what do u mean by delays? how long are the delays?

i was waiting for an E-fax at my friends office it took like a half hou for it to get to the damn computer after the lady sent it… im not sure how fast it goes to an actually fax maching if you are gunna send from e-fax but i don know there can be a significant delay recieving a fax via e-fax. check out their site … I think its a good idea only for the simple fact is there is no paper involved … desgin and send all from one computer

we use andrew at rfg marketing, they have doubled our lunch business
the set up this for us as well and online ordering … &page=home

why do you need to use the internet? set up your computer to fax over a phone line before you open. windows has a fax software built in. you just set up the address book and what and when you want to fax…computer does the rest. real easy

canu tell me how to do that? when i go to my control panel then to the fax thing, it doesnt do anything

do i need a modem for this? and how do i attach a document. I have windows xp.

yes u need a modem, thats what dials out to the fax machines u are sending to… i am using xp also. when you set up a fax select new fax, fill out the address book with all of the business faxes you want to send to, then it asks you to pick a template for your fax or use an attached file for your fax. i created mine to say daily specials on top with my store name an phone number. the body of the fax is what i change each day. fill out your content and click finish and it should start sending.

ok, so what kind of modem should i get and where from? what do u think it will cost?