Online Only Special

Has anyone had a great response to an online only special? Do you cater it to one pizza? One family meal, i.e. 2 pizzas and breadsticks?? What % are you giving off on these deals with the end goal being two fold, repeat business and conversion from phone calls to online orders?

Thanks for the input


The only discounting we do is 10 week rotating database email blast that are only valid for online orders. They average 15% off that includes out loyalty program. We are also thinking about making our Loyalty Program only count for OLO to keep our digital sales growing. We were under 40% pre-Covid and currently almost 70%.

I did a small survey on Facebook about which offer would get people to claim a coupon and out into the restaurant and these were the results. They also work great online too. It has allowed us to build a big database of people with email, and cel phone numbers. With that data we can send out blasts once or twice a month and get people to order online or stop by for pickup.

Quite the options there lol especially the green result

I guess that one will get the guys claiming the offer in a snap